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In May us 2, Vomet and Bert took a drive down to Dartmouth to visit Lakeside where one of the legendry jams was taking place. Vomet was painting so we decided to jump in and take a look. The lakeside wall isn’t exactly legal but the sites tolerated by the owners. It’s massive! one of the longest single walls in Europe weighing in at approximately 2km long and it’s all painted. You get the odd fisherman when the tides in and a few dirt bikes but that’s it as the path ends at a petrol storage depot and you cant get any further….we tried. There was a decent turnout considering the weather wasn’t the best, but it’s definitely a spot to visit in the sun.

The Lakeside Graff Jam was started in 2010 by Tony Keen, Fivethree, Stamp and Sian.E as the old School Reunion and Graff Jam. Even for its first outing it was big with over 30 of some of the best artists – Old School and new School painting alongside each other at this reunion. The event continued in 2011 with Sian.E and Colt 45 and slammed it with over 58 artists repping with some incredible piece of work. There were again old School, new School and artists from all over the UK, top names and top pieces. 2012 saw the third year but despite the horrendous rain 20+ artists showed and produced some quality pieces. A second event for 2012 is to be organised for July time (weather permitting) for those that didn’t make it the first time round and is promising to be even bigger than the previous 3.

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Running Amuk in Tamworth.

So yet again we’ve been out and about in Tamworth, we’d gone down there with Diva for a specific reason which will hopefully be put up next week. While we were down there we noticed that Amuk had done a very nice full wall piece, and given the size of the walls at Tamworth thats no mean feat to do by yourself. We were joined later on by Mr Vomet who gave us a hand with some pyrotechnics cause apparently he “Loves burning shit” he then insisted on striking one of his very best catalogue poses for a shot by a very nice piece of his that he did the weekend.

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If there’s one writer in the Midlands who’s quickly making a name for himself its Vomet, in the past 4 years he has been relentless.  If you look at his work there’s no way you’d think he did his first piece Christmas 2008.  The only way to improve your skills so quickly and that’s to paint…paint…paint, and that’s precisely what Vomet has done, quickly building a reputation of being one of the Midlands most prolific and best writers… interview coming soon.


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So who are these 400mlHeroes?


Firstly there are two of us; we’ve been involved in graff since it all started in the UK. We are founder members of TWC (The Wild Criminalz) and RGT (Rogue Troopers) we’ve been actively involved in the scene on and off for 27 years. Basically we know our stuff, we call ourselves 400mlheroes but the real heroes are the guys and gals picking up the cans and giving us something to photograph.


What’s the difference between 400mlHeroes and all the other graff sites out there?


One thing that sets us apart from most graffiti sites is the quality of our photography and the fact that it’s all our own material. And with these pictures come the best interviews giving you a insight into the graffiti world. We’re creating our own unique style of photography, something that people will look at and say, “That’s done by 400mlHeroes”. We’re pushing our boundaries experimenting with different styles creating our own unique look. We’re going the extra mile to get these “Photograffs”, when we go out at night setting up shots it feels clandestine it gives us a similar feel to going out bombing. We’re setting up the shots then instead of taking a can of paint to a wall we’re painting with light. We’ve got some big ideas and we want to share them with you. In these pictures we’ve been experimenting with painting with light and exposures. Have a look and please feel free to comment on them, give us your feedback, let us know what you think.




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Bomb da Base

We received intelligence from a close friend of 400ml that there was an disused cold war army base once used to make cruise missiles containing depleted uranium, we thought Diva, Vomet and Shady looked a bit green around the gills last time we saw them…..now we know why!



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