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Digbeth really is good.

Digbeth, like we said earlier is a hot spot for graffiti, stickers and pasters. It’s never ending and ever changing and we’re sure that we could quite easily keep a blog full of what goes on and up in Digbeth if we wanted. So heres another post about the area its not our first and it definitely wont be our last.

If your interested in seeing more theres an excellent Birmingham blogger who does a lot of work around Digbeth, check out Gutter Floozy and Digbeth is good

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Doesn’t get much more old school than Krylon does it!!!!

Once again Rob at The Bench let us takeover his shop, which I’d like to add is pretty fucking special, he’s got the lot down there, Paint, Pens, clothes if you get the chance go and see him, he’s in the Custard Factory, Digbeth, Birmingham. Anyway he’s been getting a collection of old Krylon together and we got a few snaps of them. What do you think? Also….Like us on Facebook. Also for those with a can fetish check out… capmatchescolor

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New Montana Limited Edition Cans.

Once again Rob at The Bench asked us over to take some shots of the new Montana Limited edition cans. These are by Chorboogie, Persue, Tilt, Ron English and Aryz. What do you think? Feel free to add comments bellow.

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Antique Ammunition


Something for those of you with a can fetish…. The Pink Montana can was the first set of tins produced by Montana in April 1994 then called Felton paints.


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