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Flash back: Bodé Jam 17th – 18th May 2008

We’ve been attending local jams for years and have always either painted at them or turned up to have a look about, support the lads and lasses and take a few snaps to archive the day. As the website’s only recently been up and running we’ve got quite a few sets of photographs to share with you over the coming months from Jams that have happened over the years. We thought we’d start off with probably the best and most popular local event in recent years: Kemefinc’s Bode Jam.

As you know from an older interview we did that we are good friends with Kem and Mef and after chatting to them about the Bode jam. It wasn’t just a case of lets call a few people and paint Tamworth, Kem said they’d put a few invites out about painting Bode themed walls at Tamworth HOF. Kem said it went mental; he was inundated with requests to paint and after a while had to turn down writers from all over as there was no space to accommodate everyone.

“It turned out to be a real stressful time” Kem said “It was just non stop until after the event, Me, Mef and Chu even stayed the night in a tent so we could keep on top of things. But looking back at it now – even though at the time it was a headache – it was fucking brilliant weekend.”

Mef even contacted Mark Bodé about it and he had the decency to get back to them, his reply was along the lines of “If I wasn’t on a boat in the middle of nowhere I would have turned up”. Mark Bodé apologised for not being able to make it and made a very generous offer to Kem and Mef. He offered to tattoo them at a convention in London. Unfortunately they couldn’t make it, well that’s what Kem said… personally I think they were a bit scared of the pain.

Kem and Mef are still going strong, you can see more of their stuff here and we will be featuring a lot more of their work in the coming months. In the meantime why don’t you “Like us” on Facebook and “follow us” on Twitter (links below – look for the icons).

We hope you enjoy these pictures of a remarkable weekend at Tamworth.

400ml Heroes
We got bigger tins goin on

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This how we do it!

A little video for you of us doing our night shots without giving the game away too much. See the description on the video

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Running Amuk in Tamworth.

So yet again we’ve been out and about in Tamworth, we’d gone down there with Diva for a specific reason which will hopefully be put up next week. While we were down there we noticed that Amuk had done a very nice full wall piece, and given the size of the walls at Tamworth thats no mean feat to do by yourself. We were joined later on by Mr Vomet who gave us a hand with some pyrotechnics cause apparently he “Loves burning shit” he then insisted on striking one of his very best catalogue poses for a shot by a very nice piece of his that he did the weekend.

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