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Digbeth reappropriation.

Not much to say about this one folks!  This weekend a few of the Midlands finest had a little get together over Digbeth to celebrate our wonderful Queen spending 60 years on the throne.  That last bits a lie but due to legal reasons……

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The Accidental Cathedral

In 2009 it was voted Britain’s most terrifying junction, 40 years ago it was opened and called the Gravelly hill interchange but we don’t know it by it’s official name, we all know it as Spaghetti junction. For those that want to know, Jct 6 of the M6 in Birmingham links the M6, A38 and A5127. Yes that’s right it’s a junction that links three roads, which would be hard to guess from the complexity of it.

The whole of the junction is elevated, it covers 30 acres and is supported by 559 concrete columns that rise up to 80 feet high; which form a magnificent accidental cathedral. It took four years to build costing £10.8 million and it spans two rivers, three canals, and two railway lines.

The site was of such strategic importance that it was thought to be a nuclear bomb target for the Russians in the cold war. Luckily the only bombing that took place was of a totally different kind. It soon became a mecca for local graffiti artists, there’s still stuff down there from the early 80’s from writers such as Astro, Atiski and Chase albeit a bit faded now.

It really is a remarkable place, just outside the city of Birmingham the sprawling structure is situated magnificently. It’s dark, its vast, and the constant rumble from the connecting motorway pulsates its rhythm. From below the sounds of the Spaghetti splendour above, roar and vibrate as a living being. Feeling energised and alive you can wander about for hours along the many paths that spread out through the supporting columns . You may not see anyone for sometime, which is why it was such a popular place for graffiti artists.

I don’t think when the planners started this project off 55 years ago they had any idea what they were about to create. 11 years planning and 4 years building has given Birmingham yet another landmark, Happy birthday Spaghetti Junction.

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It’s all about paint and pens…

Long gone are the days of racking paint, we know it still goes on but it’s no where near as bad as it was back in the day. There are shops selling paint all over the place now whether it’s a walk in shop or an online store it’s now easily available to buy. Our local store The Bench 504 is in the Custard factory Birmingham, It’s run by Rob and he sells most paint and pens and has a good selection of clothes and accessories in there as well. He’s been good enough to let us do a few shots in the shop like the Montana hardcore limited edition full set and he’s got a nice selection of old Krylon which he let us take some pics of. If your in Birmingham the bench is definitely worth a visit.

While out visiting Amsterdam Meek had the opportunity to visit one of Europe’s finest graff shops Henxs it’s stocked up with everything you could possibly need for weekends painting in Amsterdam. Another highly recommended place to visit if your ever in the area.

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Steel Horses

Our good friends Kemef inc are putting on a show at Tiptop photography in Hockley Birmingham, apart from their work being available to purchase there will be some Suicide girl models, Paul Brook (Mind reader), Anthony Black (Magician)  and last but not leaset there will be a few prints from 400mlheroes for sale.  It’s going to be a good one folks


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Dossin in Digbeth

We went to meet our old muccas Chu and Fluid in Birmingham last Saturday to get some paint from the bench and to discuss what was going on for Tempo’s birthday jam the day after. Chu and Fluid were fashionably late so we went for a wander around Digbeth and saw this wall that had been recently painted by Newso, Lewes,Fluid and Skank.

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Digbeth really is good.

Digbeth, like we said earlier is a hot spot for graffiti, stickers and pasters. It’s never ending and ever changing and we’re sure that we could quite easily keep a blog full of what goes on and up in Digbeth if we wanted. So heres another post about the area its not our first and it definitely wont be our last.

If your interested in seeing more theres an excellent Birmingham blogger who does a lot of work around Digbeth, check out Gutter Floozy and Digbeth is good

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One place thats always getting a fresh lick of paint is Digbeth in Birmingham.  Writers from all over come down to paint this diverse and eclectic part of the city.  Home of the Custard factory arts and media centre as well as a myriad  of art and design companies pubs, clubs and places to eat Digbeth is now one of THE spots to paint in the Midlands.


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Doesn’t get much more old school than Krylon does it!!!!

Once again Rob at The Bench let us takeover his shop, which I’d like to add is pretty fucking special, he’s got the lot down there, Paint, Pens, clothes if you get the chance go and see him, he’s in the Custard Factory, Digbeth, Birmingham. Anyway he’s been getting a collection of old Krylon together and we got a few snaps of them. What do you think? Also….Like us on Facebook. Also for those with a can fetish check out… capmatchescolor

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New Montana Limited Edition Cans.

Once again Rob at The Bench asked us over to take some shots of the new Montana Limited edition cans. These are by Chorboogie, Persue, Tilt, Ron English and Aryz. What do you think? Feel free to add comments bellow.

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Ironlak promo tour of Birmingham.

On June 19th 2010 Rob from The Bench organised for Ironlak to come to the Custard Factory Birmingham, he had been talking to Julio E Abajo at Graphotism about promoting the paint as Rob had started selling Ironlak and Julio came up with some supplies and a couple of artists Pref and Wish from London. Heres a few pictures including a few artist cans Ironlak were selling on the day.

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