He’s sick…..It’s Vomet.


Sorry for the delay folks but here it is as promised the Vomet interview.

When did you start painting?

I started tagging 10 years ago put a few dubs up nothing special, I’d seen Fuels stuff on the canal and I liked it. I wasn’t painting I was just tagging, putting my mates names up and stuff like that. I was writing Bones back then, then I watched Casualty and it was an episode where there were some writers climbing up a bridge doing a dub. In true Casualty style they fell off but I just thought it was so cool. I wanted to be something different, stand out from the rest be cool have some street cred without being a gangster if you know what I mean. Then I saw Fuels had been putting up Bones and at first I thought that he’d seen my tags and was putting me up and that really spurred me on. It was only later that I found out it was Bone FKS but it still made me do more.

Who did you first paint with?

It was with Fuels, we did loads together I remember one night we went out bombing, we went nuts….two days later all over my moms car my step dads van the house red paint saying twat and a note through my door saying this will happen once a week until the area is cleaned up. For 3 days I was there with emulsion going over my tags, I was emulsioning steel garage doors it looked worse when I finished. I wish I’d waited in my house for a week to get them….if I found out who did it now that’d be the end of them.

How did you get your tags?

Well Item came around from a mix of words and slang, when you paint a wall you hit it, if you paint more than one you hit them, HIT=IT THEM=EM….ITEM…. I knew I wouldn’t keep it purely because the first letter was an I. So why Vomet now then? Because I’m sick, what’s a throw up? Sick!

Who inspired you, what writers did you want to be like?

Seeing Fuels stuff started me off. I loved the “Sinstar workout” piece by Shok1 down the old CO-OP dairy in Walsall, the big System character down there and “Hit the town” by System too, I just loved it. Then there was stuff by Meek, Chu and China that you put up, just little bits that just played with my head got me wanting to paint more and more. But then I discovered Beer girls and dope and the graff was put right on hold for a bit. Then 5 years ago I met my girlfriend and decided I was gonna stop the partying as much and start painting.

If you could paint with anyone who would it be?

There are so many writers I’d like to paint with, but if I had to choose one purely on the basis that I grew up looking at his stuff, I’d love to paint with Shok 1. I don’t think it will ever happen but I’d love it.

What’s your favorite piece to date?

The one down ASDA Walsall.

You’ve improved vastly over the past few years mainly due to the amount of pieces you’ve painted. Have you got any idea how many you’ve done?

In 1 year I did 200 pieces getting closer to 400 with dubs.

Have you painted abroad?

Yeah I’ve painted Amsterdam twice, at Flavo park.

Who do you like painting with the most?

One-Nil and Diva. They’re good lads and I definitely have to up my game when painting with them.

What’s made you paint so much?

I’m just always trying to better myself; I’m always trying different things to make the piece look better. And I want the fame; I don’t necessarily want it through bombing but through doing burners.

Where’s your favorite spot to paint?

It’s gotta be the Copperworks, purely because I’ve painted there loads, its going to bad for Walsall when it goes.

Is there anywhere you haven’t painted that you want to paint?

Until a few weeks ago I would have said Stockwell, that’s the place to be in the UK. I painted down there the other week and there’s loads of good stuff down there. When we were there, there was a full all by Ghetto farceur. I want to start travelling around so hopefully I’ll get to paint in a lot of the top spots.

What’s next for you?

I want to keep improving; I want to try new stuff. I like the more abstract styles at the moment like Bonzai but I want to keep the structure to my letters.

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  1. seanmcgivern says:

    A good read!

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