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Ironlak promo tour of Birmingham.

On June 19th 2010 Rob from The Bench organised for Ironlak to come to the Custard Factory Birmingham, he had been talking to Julio E Abajo at Graphotism about promoting the paint as Rob had started selling Ironlak and Julio came up with some supplies and a couple of artists Pref and Wish from London. Heres a few pictures including a few artist cans Ironlak were selling on the day.

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Antique Ammunition


Something for those of you with a can fetish…. The Pink Montana can was the first set of tins produced by Montana in April 1994 then called Felton paints.


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The Copperworks

In 1999 Walsall’s James Bridge Copper Works shut down ending the 400 year Copper smelting industry in Walsall. So what happens to a 28 acre concrete jungle with 1km of wall? Thats right it gets painted, on 7/7/2005 Walsall’s very own Mr Vote discovered and painted it for the first time with Nems. The rest is history as developers are about to move in, plenty of the graff thats been painted (If not all) can be found with a quick Flickr search.

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The Bench

Just wanted to say a big thanks to Rob at The Bench for letting us take the shots of the limited edition cans, take a look at these pictures taken at the shop. Unit 11, The Custard Factory Gibb Street, Birmingham B9 4AA

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So this is it, hopefully the start of something much bigger.  With our vast back catalogue of stuff and one of Walsall’s finest photographers contributing to this site we aim to make this the most popular Graff blog out there.


Please do not use our photographs without permission.

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